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Make music. Send greetings. Get creative!

Create your own song, send musical greetings or remix songs.

Make your own song with the UJAM studio!

The UJAM Studio is your personal, easy to use, cloud-based studio that lets you make your own music – even if you don't have musical or technical knowledge.

Start your session by:

  • Singing: Sing into your computer's microphone. The UJAM Studio will analyze your recording and create a matching playback.
  • Uploading: Upload a vocal track from your computer. Again, UJAM will create the backing track.
  • Rejamming: Select and edit one of our song templates. No need to sing, and you'll still get great results.

As UJAM uses real instruments recorded by professional producers, so the result will always sound great. Want your song to sound like Rock, Hip-Hop or Jazz? Every style is just one click away. You can even combine instruments from different genres and create your own custom style.

If you are a musician, the UJAM Studio is the perfect tool to try out your ideas. You are able to edit chord progressions, song structure, the main melody, backing instruments and a lot more. Within a few minutes you'll know if your latest song idea will work or is a hit.

Record a melody
Record your voice or an instrument. UJAM will create a matching playback from any genre you want.
Select a style
Select the perfect style for your song. UJAM offers styles from any genre like Rock, Dance, Folk or Hip Hop.
Arrange your song
Dynamic songs: UJAM studio lets you divide your song into multiple section. Each song part has a different intensity.
Edit your recording
Align your recording to the backing track. In advanced mode you can even stretch parts of your recording and adjust single phrases.
Edit song harmonies
The chord editor allows you to choose presets - happy or sad - for your song. Or select the perfect chords manually.