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The following Q&A is designed to help you make the most of your UJAM experience.

UJAM is in its Beta phase, which means that there are still plenty of essential features that aren't yet implemented, and there may be occasional slip-ups in performance.

For now, we hope the following FAQ will answer most of your questions and solve any issues you may run into. Remember, you can always write to us at support@ujam-studio.com.


FAQ Categories

General Questions

Is UJAM designed to replace current audio software?
Why is UJAM "in the cloud" and not a software I can buy in a store?
Are you guys working on an iPhone app?
Why am I not receiving my activation code?
Why is my email address being rejected?


When I record with click/playback, my recording ends up in the wrong place. Why?
The microphone level meter is clipping – what am I doing wrong?
The microphone level meter detects no mic signal – what am I doing wrong?
Why should I use headphones for best results?
I find the sound quality less than stellar when I sing into the Flash app. Why?
I don't want to sing. Can I record an instrument instead?
What if I need help with editing after I've recorded a melody?

Editing Features

How do I navigate through UJAM Studio?
How does Song Form work?
Will I be able to continue working on songs created with the alpha-version of UJAM?
Can I add Song Form to songs created with the alpha-version of UJAM?

Sharing & Saving

How do I share my UJAM creations with friends?
Can I download my UJAM songs as MP3s?
Why does the "Like" count of a contest submission differ from the number of votes?
I "Liked" a song to vote for it but my vote doesn't show up – why?
How can I add more song slots to my account?

Musical Features

When I sing a well-known tune such as "Happy Birthday" into UJAM, it selects chords that don't sound like the original ones. Why?
How can I create a full song in UJAM, including intros, verses, choruses and endings?
How can I help UJAM recognize a melody more correctly?
When will UJAM implement more sophisticated stuff, like odd meters or tempo maps?

Technical Questions

After recording, sometimes my song shows up empty (no vocals, no melody). What am I doing wrong?
How can I tell if my microphone is working with UJAM?
My microphone does not work with UJAM. What can I do?
My microphone level is wrong. How can I change it?
How can I get rid of that disturbing "Camera and Microphone Access" dialog box?
Whenever I record something my speaker volume is going down. Why?
Upload Audio (importing audio files) doesn't work. Why?
The UJAM app does not play any audio. What is wrong?
The UJAM app is unable to connect to the UJAM servers. What can I do?
What are the minimal hardware/software requirements for using the UJAM app?
Audio streaming is slow and the UJAM app sometimes freezes when I change settings on a song. What can I do?
What is the minimum Internet connection speed to use the UJAM app?
The UJAM app reacts slowly and sometimes audio is not played back seamlessly. What's wrong?

Creative Rights

Who owns the creations and rights to creations I make using UJAM?
What if I publish songs to third-party services (i.e. Facebook, SoundCloud)?
What are the limitations to using my UJAM creations commercially?

Known Issues

When recording in click or playback mode, recorded audio is not synchronized to the beat.
The UJAM player does not work correctly on Internet Explorer 8.
Note on other issues